Make Europe local!

Only if Europe is part of our everyday lives can the abstract idea be transformed into a concrete project we all help carry. A democratic Europe starts with Europe being experienced and lived locally.

But what does that really mean? Under the slogan “Make Europe local!” we’re collecting and promoting ideas for embedding Europe in every region.

The Colours of Europe Award for local communities with less than 50,000 inhabitants

The “Do something for Europe” initiative is offering the Colours of Europe Award, a challenge trophy modelled after our many-coloured European flag that will move on to three fresh towns each year. Local communities with up to 50,000 inhabitants will be eligible to compete for the Colours of Europe Award, which will be bestowed for the first time at a festive presentation in Berlin next Europe Day, 9 May 2020. Each recipient town will be given its own customised European flag, which will be flown at a highly visible location in their town. In each of the winning towns, a prominent representative of “Do something for Europe” will be present at the official hoisting ceremony to present the respective flag.

The contest is open to towns who are interested in augmenting the European idea with ideas of their own between May and December 2010. What concrete shape this takes is up to them. A varied, top-quality jury will choose the winners on the basis of the most impressive presentations, which are to be submitted online. Invitation for submissions will begin on 1 September 2019, and the winners for the coming year will be announced on New Year’s Eve 2019.

The Colours of Europe Award for associations, organisations and groups

In another category, the Colours of Europe Award is also available to the civil society sector. Here, the winner will be an association, organisation or group that is active primarily within one specific region and has been an exemplary supporter of the European idea. This commitment must have been in evidence for at least a year. Particular attention will be paid to the following criteria: unusual approaches in terms of addressing target groups, low thresholds for participation, emotional appeal, sustainability and broad-based impact.

The prize money is 5,000 euros, to go towards further pro-European activities. The Award will be bestowed in Berlin next Europe Day on 9 May 2019, along with the European Flag Award for local communities. Submissions are open to all and should be sent via email through 31 October 2019.

Submissions should include the following information:

  • name of the group
  • duration of the commitment
  • documentation of the work (photos, press articles, screenshots, videos or descriptions by the entrant)
  • region
  • if available: website
  • name of the group’s authorised representatives
  • reasons why the entrant deserves the prize

Entrants may be nominated by themselves or by others. The entire submission should take up no more than 10 A4 pages and should be sent in PDF format. Any videos should be added in the form of a link. There should be no more than 2 videos, with a maximum combined length of 15 minutes.

“Europe is delicious” – a week of European gastronomy

In collaboration with DEHOGA, the German Association of Hotels and Restaurants, the “Do something for Europe!” initiative is planning a week of European gastronomy to be presented at this year’s ANUGA, the worldwide leading food fair for trade and the catering industry, in Cologne in early October. Entry is open to restaurants, bistros and canteens from all across Europe. Anyone wishing to keep up to date on “Europe is delicious” can register here to receive our newsletter.